Don't Blend In

"Don't Blend In"  is a safety awareness initiative, funded by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, aimed to encourage changes in behavior that can contribute to crashes in the community - such as speeding, distraction, impairment, and failure to yield to pedestrians. This initiative also encourages and empowers pedestrians and bicyclists to wear bright-colored clothing that stands out. The activities and promotional materials feature people who live, work, go to school and play in Rainier Valley in ways that resonate and feel familiar to the Rainier Valley community. 

Ad campaign for Don't Blend In: Best Place to wear neon: Rainier Ave S. Rainier Ave S. averages more crashes per day than anywhere else in Seattle

This project targets underrepresented communities and communities of color with a range of information to increase knowledge and awareness such as specific safety and mobility information that focuses on the Rainier Valley neighborhood.Special thanks goes to NONWHITEWORKS for their vision and support of this campaign emphasizing communities of color and safety in Rainier valley. Check out more pictures from the campaign below, download, like and share others in our Flickr gallery.