Specific Project Information Forms (SPIF)

All Specific Project Information Forms (SPIF) are in Microsoft Word (docx).

SPIF Cover Page

Method 1: Delineation of Work Areas and Project Startup

Method 2: Clearing, Grubbing, Grading, & Placement of Temporary Fill

Method 3: Work Area Isolation and Fish Removal I Streams, Large Waterbodies, and for Pipe Bypass

Method 4: Pipe, Culvert and Outfall Installation, Replacement and Maintenance

Method 5: Vactoring, Jetting, and Excavating Accumulated Sediments and Debris, Sediment Test Boring, and Pipe, Culvert, and Bridge Maintenance

Method 6: Bank Stabilization

Method 7: Habitat Addition or Maintenance

Method 8: Beach Nourishment and Substrate Addition

Method 9: Boat Launch Improvement, Repair and Maintenance

Method 10: In-water and Overwater Structure Repair and Replacement

Method 11: Seawall Repair and Maintenance

Method 12: Site Restoration

Method 13: Landscaping and Planting