Survey Forms

Surveyors should use the following grade sheet form when submitting cut/fill data to inspectors and contractors for construction work in the City of Seattle Right of Way and within City easements on City property. The purpose of this form is to create a consistent layout to aid understanding and interpreting the data, as well as to facilitate supplying complete and clear information.


Grade Sheet Template


Survey Requirements

The City of Seattle will not accept plans or land surveys submitted to the City of Seattle with a permit application unless they meet the minimum standards listed in the plan review checklist below.


Plan Review Checklist

  • North arrow and graphical scale
  • Current NGS Vertical datum with Benchmarks used
  • Current NGS Horizontal datum, with the datum tag and coordinate epoch date reported on all documents prepared, which show geodetic control
  • Units shall be in U.S. Survey Foot
  • Washington State Licensed Surveyor's stamp
  • At least 2 monuments shown for each street in plan view
  • Coordinates (northing, easting) and descriptions for all monuments shown
  • Bearing and distance between monuments for each street
  • Stations at intersections and all monuments
  • Dimensions from Monument line to Right of Way line
  • Street names