Utility System Improvement Disputes

If your project requires a utility system improvement that you have grounds to dispute, you can request a Determination Review.

For all WACs or Preliminary Assessment Reports (PARs) issued before March 28, 2020:

For all WACs or PARs issued after March 28, 2020:

  • All Determination Review requests will go through the Seattle Services Portal.
  • The request will be linked directly to the WAC or PAR outlining the disputed requirement.

Meeting Details

  • Property owners and/or their representatives may attend their Utility System Improvement Determination meeting to present the project details.
  • The meeting will be 20 minutes long with 15-minutes (maximum) for presentation by the property owner followed by a 5-minute period where City staff may ask clarifying questions about the project.
  • Due to scheduling constraints, the DSO can accommodate a maximum of two separate property owner presentations every other week. These requests will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The determination review committee meets every other Thursday. Completed requests forms are due by noon, the Monday prior to the Thursday meeting. The final decision will not be made during the meeting.
  • Property owners can expect the final response typically within two weeks of the scheduled meeting.
  • The meetings will be virtual and recorded via Microsoft Teams. Please let the DSO know if you require special accommodations by emailing spuwateravailability@seattle.gov.

Please indicate whether or not you will attend your Utility System Improvement Determination meeting by selecting Yes/No on the Utility System Improvement Determination Review Request Form (pdf) or in the Seattle Services Portal.

Learn more about the determination process:

  • Director’s Rule - ENG-430 (pdf) 

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