Water and Sewer Map

Screenshot of water and sewer map
Water and sewer map for buildings and land parcels in Seattle.

Property owners, homeowners, and developers can research Seattle's existing drinking water, drainage, and sewer infrastructure with the Development Services Office's (DSO) water and sewer map. Use the map to research:

  • Water mains and services
  • Sewer and drainage mains
  • Parcel zoning and land use
  • Environmentally critical areas

Information provided by the research map is for preliminary planning only and does not replace any application approval or permitting processes by City of Seattle departments and other jurisdictions.


How to Use the Water and Sewer Map

To find your property:

Screenshot of map search tool
Example of suggested addresses.
  • Type your address in the search box located in the upper left corner
  • Suggested addresses will appear and will refine as you type
  • To select your address, click with your mouse or use the Down Arrow and Enter keys
  • The map will zoom to your selected address