Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are owned and maintained by Seattle Public Utilities (SPU). Hydrants are most commonly used for fire suppression by firefighters and temporary use by businesses, and organizations.

To report damage to a fire hydrant, please contact 206-386-1800.

Hydrant Permits

SPU must approve and issue a hydrant permit before you can temporarily use a hydrant for a project site or to fill a tanker truck.

Hydrant Flow Tests

Request a Hydrant flow test. These requests help design fire suppression systems. In some cases, we may have current flow test results that can be provided upon request. The results provide the water pressure within the distribution system and the pressure during typical demands with no hydrants flowing.

Note: Hydrant testing is often scheduled at night when the surrounding community is least likely to be affected by the test. You can expect to see turnaround times ranging between 6-8 weeks, depending on the workload at the time of the request.