East Montlake Pump Station & Force Main Improvements Project

Rendering of map of upgrades
SPU is upgrading a pump station and force main in East Montlake.

Project Description

The Montlake 20 basin is a combined sewer basin on the east side of Union Bay. In this area, stormwater and sewage in the basin are collected and flow to Pump Station 13, which is located in East Montlake Park. These flows are then pumped through sewer pipes to a regional treatment plant.

However, during heavy rain events, high volumes of stormwater could overwhelm the pump station causing a combined sewer overflow (CSO) into Union Bay, which can be harmful to humans and the environment.

For the East Montlake Pump Station and Force Main Improvement Project, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) upgraded the pumping capacity of Pump Station 13 to reduce the number of overflows in this area and improve water quality offshore.

This work also upgraded and modernized the pump station and rehabilitated the connecting force main pipe that runs in the right-of-way along the north side of E Shelby St. These improvements help SPU maintain reliable services by reducing the risk of pump station failure, maintaining safe working conditions for SPU crews, and helping SPU comply with safety standards and industry regulations.


Pump Station 13 is located on the north end of East Montlake Park near the intersection of E Park Drive E and E Shelby St.

Project Results

As a part of this project, improvements included:

  1. Improvements to sewer infrastructure to reduce the risk of failure
  2. Better water quality through the reduction of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into Union Bay
  3. Improved working conditions for SPU pump station maintenance crews
  4. Replacement of concrete walkway in East Montlake Park to meet ADA standards 
  5. Improved landscaping and lighting near the pump station in East Montlake Park


Construction began in Spring 2020 and was completed in Summer 2021 with landscaping establishment activities occurring through Summer 2022.

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