Lake Forest Park Reservoir Floating Cover Replacement

project map
Project map

Project Description

The Lake Forest Park Reservoir is located in the City of Lake Forest Park and is part of Seattle Public Utilities' regional drinking water system. The reservoir has a floating cover that was installed in 2001 and designed to last about 20 years. Due to increased maintenance and repair work needed to keep the aging cover operational, SPU has decided to replace it with a new floating cover.

Construction to replace the floating cover will involve:

  • Draining the reservoir and preparing the site for construction
  • Removing and dispose of the existing floating cover
  • Installing a new liner and floating cover
  • Replacing pumps, pipes, hoses, and other equipment
  • Restoring the site after construction is complete

This work will enable SPU to supply quality drinking water to people in the greater Seattle area. 


The Lake Forest Park Reservoir is located north of NE 195th St between 45th Ave NE and 47th Ave NE in the City of Lake Forest Park (see project map above). The project will primarily be contained to SPU's property with minimal impacts to nearby residents.

What's Happening Now?

SPU Contractor Crews began construction on the Lake Forest Park Reservoir Floating Cover Replacement Project in May 2021. Due to significant shipment delays of materials and equipment, the contractor paused construction in November 2021. Work on the project will resume in mid to late May 2022 and is expected to be completed by fall 2022.

The Lake Forest Park Reservoir is divided into two separate sections, the east cell and the west cell. The east and west cells each have a liner along the bottom of the cell and a floating cover. The east and west cells can operate independently of each other, if needed.

The contractor completed installation of the east cell liner and floating cover in fall 2021 and brought the east cell back into service before pausing construction.

The contractor will now inspect and clean the west cell and then finalize construction activities including installation of the floating cover.

After work is complete, the contractor will perform site restoration and demobilize from the site.

SPU will share updates prior to remobilization in 2022, please signup for the project email list to stay informed about construction.

Community Benefits

When construction is complete, the new floating cover will provide protection from sunlight, dirt, leaves, and other debris to help preserve water service and quality.

Anticipated Impacts

During construction, you can expect:

  • Crews are expected to work 8-10 hour days Monday through Saturday to ensure most of the work can be performed during the dry weather season
  • General construction traffic and noise during working hours
  • The construction work will take place within the reservoir site
  • No road closures are expected, but there will be increased construction traffic in the area
  • The walking path that goes around the reservoir site will generally remain open and accessible
  • Nearby roadways and paths may experience brief temporary delays as the construction entrance is rebuilt and to accommodate equipment and materials moving in and out of the construction site
  • Although the project will take place near Horizon View Park, there are no anticipated impacts for park visitors
  • This work will not impact water services to homes and businesses

Community Engagement

SPU will provide email updates about the Lake Forest Park Reservoir Floating Cover Replacement Project throughout construction. If you are interested in receiving updates, please subscribe to the project email list.


Early 2021

  • Pre-construction meeting with contractor
  • Pre-construction outreach to community
  • Site preparation performed
  • Construction started in mid-May

Mid 2021

  • Contractor removed existing cover and liner and performed equipment upgrades in the reservoir
  • Contractor installed the new liner in the east and west cells

Late 2021

  • Completed construction activities on the east cell, bringing it back into service
  • Contractor paused construction work in mid-November (delay in construction due to material and equipment shipping delays)

Mid 2022

  • Contractor resumes work in May to complete floating cover installation in the west cell and perform final site restoration
  • Project is expected to wrap up by fall 2022

Construction on this project is dependent on weather and other factors, and the start date and duration of work is subject to change.


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