Women and Minority Owned Business Enterprise (WMBE) Program

Women and Minority Owned Business Enterprise (WMBE) Program

Seattle Public Utilities' (SPU) WMBE program offers firms many ways to do business with us. This includes a registry, monthly and annual events and direct connection to our WMBE Manager.

What we do

  • Support opportunities for WMBE firms by promoting inclusive, open and equitable business contracting practices within the City.
  •  Provide staff training and support for intentional and sustainable WMBE inclusion.
  •  Facilitate outreach within the WMBE community to increase access to City work.

Register your business to work with the City of Seattle

Register on the City of Seattle Online Business Directory (OBD). SPU uses the OBD to search for firms for a variety of business needs. Firms can also register on the Consultant Roster as a small business and identify as a WMBE.

How to stay connected

Visit the City of Seattle Purchasing and Contracting website and Doing Business with the City.

You can also check out the WMBE upcoming consultant projects.

The WMBE Connections Newsletter provides information and tips on contracting with SPU.

    • Sign up for the WMBE Connections Newsletter



Key principles of WMBE

  • Advance and grow opportunities for WMBEs within Seattle Public Utilities (SPU).
  • Instill the vision of the WMBE program within SPU and throughout the community.
  • Increase the economic vitality of the City by enhancing WMBEs through development, support, and targeted outreach.

How we measure success

For more information on how the City measures the success of our contracting equity programs, visit the City’s WMBE website for resources, reports, and data.