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Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) provides several options for how you receive and pay your bill.

Paper vs. Online Billing

Paper Billing

Residential customers choosing this option are billed every other month (bi-monthly). Paper bills can be mailed to the service address or an alternate mailing address, and with your paper bill, you will receive printed newsletters from the utilities. You can still choose to make one-time payments online even if you receive your bills by mail.

Online Billing

To use electronic billing, you will first need to create an online utility account. You can use this option to pay either Seattle Public Utilities or Seattle City Light bills online. This option allows recurring payments or one-time payments online that can be made with your credit card, debit card, or checking account number.


Bill Payment Options

We never charge additional "convenience fees" for any of these methods of payment. Your options include:

  • One-time payment
    You can pay your Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle City Light bills without creating a user account, even if you receive a paper bill. You can make payments with your credit card, debit card, or checking account number. You can also make one-time payments online by entering your account number and billing address ZIP code.
  • Online or paperless billing
    To manage your account and pay bills automatically online, you will need to create an online account. You can use this option to pay either your Seattle Public Utilities or Seattle City Light bills electronically, and it allows for recurring or single payments by credit card, debit card, or checking account number.
  • Pay by phone
    You have 24-hour automated access to enter your credit or debit card information privately over the phone by calling (877) 398-3531. If you would like to ask questions of a customer service agent before you pay by phone, call (206) 684-3000. After speaking to the agent about your questions, you will then be transferred to another agent to complete your payment. This is done to make sure your information is kept secure.
  • In person
    We have many walk-in locations across Seattle for your convenience.


Past Due Accounts / Closed Accounts

If a bill is not paid by the due date, it is considered past due. Past due bills are subject to further collection action. Depending on the length of time an account balance is past due, further collection action could include late fees, past due notices, or possible service interruption until the balance is paid in full. Review SPU's billing, payment and collection policies (PDF).

If you received a bill from us for a closed account, it's because our records indicate that you still owe money for services used from a previous property you occupied when you were a customer. Although you may have incurred this debt months or years ago, we are providing you with an opportunity to pay your outstanding balance by the due date of this notice. Failure to pay this debt could have a negative impact on your credit.

If your bill is past due, the best course of action is to call (206) 684-3000. If your water service has been disconnected or you have outstanding balance questions and/or believe your outstanding balance has already been paid, call (206) 684-5800

If you are unable to pay your bill by the due date, Seattle Public Utilities has payment plans for all customers and bill assistance programs for income-eligible residential customers.

  • Payment plans:With a payment plan, you can break up your past due balance into smaller amounts and pay over time and continue receiving your utility services. Learn more about payment plans!
  • Immediate bill assistance:If you have received an urgent or shutoff notice or have a past due balance of $250 or more and meet the income-eligibility requirements, our Emergency Bill Assistance Program can help. Eligible customers receive up to $1,000 annually in immediate, emergency assistance to reduce their past due balance.
  • Long-term assistance: We encourage all income-eligible residential customers to enroll in the Utility Discount Program to receive a 60% discount on future Seattle City Light (electricity) bills and a 50% discount on future Seattle Public Utilities (water, sewer, and solid waste) bills to make it more affordable to pay for your ongoing utility services.

Apply online to the Utility Assistance Program.

Please call Customer Service at (206) 684-3000, Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 6 pm (interpretation services available) for additional assistance setting up a payment plan or applying for bill assistance.

If you receive an Urgent Notice or Final Shutoff Notice, please act immediately to maintain your utility services, and avoid a disconnection fee. You can avoid having your utilities shut off by paying your past due balance in full, setting up a payment plan, or applying for emergency bill assistance.

Ways to pay:

Learn about payment plans and bill assistance:

  • Visit Get Help with Your Utility Bills.
  • Call Customer Service at (206) 684-3000 Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. (interpretation services available).

NOTE: The Final Shutoff Notice is your last notification. Seattle Public Utilities will not communicate further before disconnection. If you don’t respond and your services are disconnected, you will be charged a fee.

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