Leak Adjustments

SPU offers billing adjustments for most types of leaks. To find out how to apply for a leak rebate please contact Utility Account Services at (206) 684-5800.

If you have an underground leak between the water meter and the foundation of your house an inspection is required. Please contact us before any repair is covered.

Before an adjustment for a leak is granted the following must be completed:

  1. The repair is completed within sixty days after receiving the initial high utility bill indicating a leak.
  2. For an underground leak, the customer must call (206) 684-5800 once repairs are complete to schedule any necessary inspection of the repair. Do not backfill or cover-up any repairs, replacements, or cut-and-caps, on an underground line until Seattle Public Utilities has inspected and approved the repairs.
  3. For any other type of leak, proof that the leak has been repaired, such as photographs, receipts or invoices, or a written explanation of repairs, will be required.

Leak adjustments are not eligible for high consumption caused by Theft, Vandalism, or Negligence.

For more information about leak adjustments, see CS-325, Leak Adjustments.

For additional questions about this program please call (206) 684-5800.


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