Compostable Bags

Using compostable bags is optional, however they may make it easier to collect food scraps.

  • They must be clearly labeled "compostable."
  • They are often green, pale green, or brown in color.
  • They are made from plant-based materials that break down when composted.
  • They are available at most grocery stores, pharmacies, and hardware stores.

Which bags to avoid:

  • Plastic bags, they do not break down and they ruin the compost.
  • Bags labels "degradable" or "biodegradable," they break down into small pieces of plastic.
  • Produce bag (unless they are labeled "Compostable").
  • Bags that are labeled “Compostable”, but are colors other than green or brown.

Multi-Family Properties

For multi-family and community living facilities, we recommended these replacement bag sizes for indoor bins.

In apartments and condos, the food waste carts that are collected by drivers should have a compostable liner bag that is installed every week. Learn more about compost service and how to report missed collections or liners.