Transfer Station Rates

Rates for clean yard waste and clean wood waste are lower than rates for garbage. In order to pay lower rates, separate materials before arriving at the station. When you arrive at the station, tell the scale attendant what you are dumping and be prepared to have your load inspected.

How to pay

Fees can be paid using cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard. Make checks payable to "City of Seattle, Dept. of Finance" and have valid ID.

Current Rates

Below are rates as of April 1, 2022. The per ton rate, subject to the minimum charge, will apply to all vehicles.

Material(s) in LoadMinimum ChargePer Ton Rate
Recyclables Only no charge no charge
Garbage $33 per trip $157 per ton ($33 minimum charge covers up to 420 lbs.)
Clean Yard Waste $23 per trip $119 per ton ($23 minimum charge covers up to 380 lbs.)
Clean Wood Waste $22 per trip $119 per ton ($22 minimum charge)
Vehicle Tires Only $14 per load (limit 4 per load) $14 per load (limit 4 per load)

(No commercial appliances. All refrigerators must be empty and have doors removed.)

$30 per appliance (limit 2 per load) $8 per appliance + tonnage rate for other materials
Unsecured Loads $3 $5 if <= 1 ton $10 if > 1 ton
Sharps no charge (limit one gallon per trip) not accepted; household sharps only